Find a perfect Niche to start your online business in 10 minutes

If you are thinking to start any online presence activity such as starting a new online business, making money from internet, building your business online spots, … etc, the most complicated and difficult to answer question is: Where to start ?.

In this article I will answer this question

1 – Define your Path:

Obviously! before starting any online business it is a must to know the product(s)/service(s) you will offer to your audience, I will name this “Path“, if you are starting a new “from scratch” online business and want to choose a right and effective path, my advice to you is to choose something you really love and enjoy, You can start your online business in “any” and “every” thing you love, whatever it is! I know that you may read/watch about selecting “niche”, “low competition” area, and such things and how it will affect your success and of course it will, but do not let this affect your choice when it comes to your main “Path”.

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Tumblr Marketing “Video”: Get more exposure on Tumblr

Creating Viral Content:

Content is the unit of building any online presence, all internet users are always searching, sharing, buying, selling and liking content, either you need to build a niche website to earn money from or you need to build set of social accounts to generate traffic or to increase publicity you always need content, moreover, you need internet users to interact with your content, to like, share and comment on it, the “Viral Content” is the content that spreads fast on the internet.

You may always hear people say it is difficult creating viral content, you have to be very creative and funny, you need to spend a lot, or you need to buy tools and stuff to content that spreads in the internet, what I am going to prove for you now is that, you do not need anything but “Niche” to start creating a very Viral and attractive content to your social accounts, you do not even need to spend a cent to do this.

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Work Sample: Building the WHOLE Online Presence !

Here is an example on how to build a website that sells a products, is a website that sells all types of drone cameras, always it runs Google Adsense ads, it an example on how to create an online presence to promote a product or set of products.

1 – Building the Website:

First thing I did is to create the website, I  registered a domain name from, then I registered a “Baby Hosting Plan” from, I linked the registered domain name to the hosting plan using “nameservers” option and I installed WordPress through control panel and finally I customized it by choosing a suitable heme and writing some “Original” articles, here is the final result:

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Work Samples: Websites Building Projects

Here is some of my work samples in websites building section, you will find he client name, country and a link to visit the website, your feedback is valuable for me.

1 – TMY Products

Website Building - Majestic Keratin USA

Client: Majestic Keratin | Country: USA
Industry: Beauty – Fashion | visit site

Website Building - Majestic Keratin UAE

Client: Majestic Keratin | Country: UAE
Industry: Beauty – Fashion | visit site

2 – The Minimally Invasive Surgery Society of Egypt

Websites Building - Miss Egy Egypt

Client: Miss Egy | Country Egypt
Industry: Health Care | visit site

3 – Sakkara Real Estate

Website Building - Sakkara Real Estate Kwait

Client: Sakkara | Country: Egypt – Kuwait
Industry: Real Estate | visit site

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Work Sample: Online Reputation Management

TMY PRODUCTS is an American Company that committed to provide high quality professional and safe products to all targeted customers across the globe. The company offers a complete line of 100 % Authentic Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment system and 24 KT Gold Face Masks.

Majestic Keratin is one of the company’s products, my mission was to enhance the digital presence look and feel to be more representable, and do all online marketing work to get this niche top ranked in all search engines

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SEO in plain English, No complications, No BS !

Transcript from Lazy ass stoner Video here

SEO is extremely lucrative because Google gets so many searches every day, if you do manage to get your site to the top of Google then you can expect a flood of visitors and sales every day. Sure you can get tons of traffic from social networks and other places too. However, with Google you’re putting your site right in front of people the moment that they are looking to buy, where as if they see a random link on Facebook or something like that they might think; “Oh that’s interesting I’ll check it out,” but there is a far less chance that they are actually going to buy. And that’s why SEO is so powerful and so profitable.

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